aluminium pergola in a garden

Aluminium pergolas create comfortable outdoor living spaces for the ultimate in modern garden design

Choosing your aluminium pergola

Core Pergola offers two types of square or rectangular metal pergola which are outlined below. The Mykonos is a slimline pergola system which is suitable for most residential outdoor living space and garden settings. The Santorini aluminium pergola system is more suitable for larger terraces and commercial applications.

metal garden pergola

Slimline garden pergola

Mykonos aluminium pergola

A minimal bioclimatic pergola system suitable for most garden settings.

The slimline 120mm columns of the Mykonos aluminium pergola system support rotating louvers and can be configured to include integrated heating and lighting for the ultimate outdoor space covering.

outdoor room pergola

Larger terrace covering

Santorini aluminium pergola

A more substantial aluminium pergola system suitable for larger terraces and commercial settings.

The 160mm columns of the Santorini pergola system support rotating louvers and can be used to create bioclimatic coverings of up to 50 sq metres with just four columns, or 100 sq metres with six columns.

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Outdoor living space

Metal pergolas provide the ultimate opportunity to extend your usable space for the best in outdoor living. Providing ideal zoning and cover for your garden furniture, outdoor kitchen or even a hot tub, a metal pergola is the perfect addition to a patio or outdoors area.

The aluminium frame can be constructed to include a louvred roof to provide protection from UV rays as well as the worst of the British weather and our stylish range includes a multitude of options on colour, screens, heating and lighting.

Are aluminium pergolas better than wood pergolas?

An aluminium pergola has various advantages over a wooden pergola structure. Aluminium pergolas have a good lifespan and require minimal maintenance and upkeep, unlike a wooden pergola which will usually need staining, painting or oiling every few years.

Our aluminium pergola systems are bioclimatic – which means they come with various heating and shading options including infrared heaters, rotating louvers for sun and rain protection, blinds and screens. Wooden pergolas tend to be simpler structures without these added features which means they may be less suitable for creating widely usable outdoor spaces.

Do aluminium pergolas require specialist installation?

Our aluminium pergolas require professional installation and our price includes this. Our pergola systems need an electrical connection in order to power the louvers and any heating and lighting options which you may have chosen.

Our aluminium pergolas are installed by trained installers who will ensure that installation is in accordance with manufacturers guidelines in order to ensure optimal ongoing performance of your garden pergola.

How can I make the most of my outdoor space?

We believe that your outdoor area should be one that offers plenty of options for long term use by your family. Our outdoor pergolas add style, durability and structure to a garden via the creation of a permanent, sturdy canopy which can replace the need for a parasol or other such roof.

Whatever the weather, an aluminium frame pergola can provide shade, proection from harmful UV rays, and is highly weather resistant. Pergola features include the ability to specify colours, fabric sides, heating and lighting. Your outdoor space will thank you for making the right choice so have a good look around our website and get in touch for more details on assembly, site survey, delivery times, and installation.

What garden furniture goes best with an aluminium pergola?

We usually find that with a rectangular pergola, it’s best to introduce some curves and softness through your choice of garden furniture – perhaps think about a rattan, wood or other quality natural textured material which will contrast with the clean and angular lines of your gazebo. In this way you can create a range of stylish finishes and colours which will complement your overall garden design.

A pergola provides ideal patio cover which can help to protect your garden furniture from the elements, including both UV rays from the sun and adverse weather conditions.

Are pergola roofs water resistant?

The louvred roof of a pergola will provide a good degree of protection from rain but is not guaranteed to be completely watertight. It’s important to bear this in mind when planning your outdoor space.

What is the best roof for a pergola?

Core Pergola provide a quality product which includes a water repellent louvred roof. This is particularly suitable if you’re looking to create a patio cover. As well as providing shade and protection from the sun and harmful UV rays, the louvres can be rotated to close off the structure, so that as well as being UV protected, you should also be sheltered from rain or inclement weather.

How do you install a pergola?

As part of our installation process we will have carried out a survey of your outdoor space, garden and ground to ensure that it is suitable for a gazebo. When it comes to your installation date, our team will assemble the structure and canopy in accordance with your approved design and style. Delivery and assembly is carried out by experienced fitting teams who will ensure that construction is in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

In this way, you will be left with a stylish and sturdy gazebo which will look great for years to come.

Do you make steel pergolas?

We sometimes get asked about whether we can produce a steel frame pergola or a powder coated steel pergola but this is not something offered at this time.

We are confident that an aluminium pergola will make the best addition to your garden – sturdy, stylish, with multiple colour options and a flexible roof, this really is the way to make the most of the great outdoors.