Metal roof pergolas for outdoor living

Core Pergola supply and install contemporary metal pergolas with louvred roofs.

Pergola roof detail

One of the key reasons for the popularity of aluminium garden pergolas is the fact that they are supplied with a fully electric louvered pergola roof. The louvers can be completely closed to create a weatherproof shelter or tilted partially open to provide a degree of sun shading whilst still allowing you to enjoy good weather.

Our pergola roofs can also house lighting and heating, to bring additional comfort and convenience to your outdoor living.

alunimum pergola roof detail

The great outdoors

Pergolas with roofs are becoming increasing popular as a way to maximise the usefulness of your outdoor space.

Installing an aluminium garden pergola with a louvred roof can provide an extension of your living and dining space so that even in cooler or rainy weather, you can enjoy a dedicated entertaining space and make the most of your garden.

See a metal pergola in action

This video provides a bit more detail on the operation of our metal pergolas including the movement of the louvers which make up the pergola roof and lighting options.

Some recent pergola installations

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What kind of roof should I use for a pergola?

pergola roof is made from metal louvers which can be rotated via an electric mechanism to provide solar shading or complete protection from the rain. The pergola roof is made from aluminium, giving it an excellent lifespan and weather resistance. We are sometimes asked to provide clear roof panels or a clear pergola roof, however this is not possible with a metal structure. The louvers act as horizontal close strips so that when they are open, the roof allows maximum light and UV rays to enter the pergola through the open ceiling. When closed, the flat roof provides canopy rain protection.

What do you cover a pergola roof with?

pergola roof does not require additional covering, as the metal louvers provide protection from the rain when they are flat. In this way your structure will provide shade and shelter from direct sunlight and rain, thus protecting your garden furniture and patio. We cannot, however, guarantee complete watertightness.

Can you add a roof to a pergola?

We do not retro-fit roofs to existing pergolas. Our pergolas are constructed with the louvers fully integrated as part of the pergola design. We recommend that this is the best way to ensure that your pergola roof performs as it should and acts as a fully weatherproof terrace covering.

A pergola attached to your house can effectively create an additional room and extend your usable space to create a truly three season patio.

How does a pergola roof drain?

Our pergolas have integrated drainage systems which means that any rainfall landing on the pergola roof will travel along the horizontal closure strips before being diverted down drainage channels in the pergola supports. These then flow away from the pergola structure at ground level.

Is a pergola better than a retractable awning?

The advantages of a pergola over a retractable awning, a DIY flat pergola roof, a timber frame pergola or a fabric sail of some sort include the lifespan and flexibility of the structure. Our bioclimatic pergolas include heating and lighting options and the pergola cover in the form of rotating louvers creates a water resistant flat pergola roof, thus protecting your patio furniture and creating an all season patio.

How can I customise my pergola?

A custom pergola can be attached to another building or freestanding. Decorative elements which also have a functional use include sliding side panels and blinds. You can choose colours and obviously, your pergola is also made to your exact size requirements.

Unlike with a DIY pergola, your pergola roof is operated electronically to ensure that you can protect your outdoor spaces year round from both sun and rain.

Why do I need a roof on my pergola?

A pergola roof is a great solution for an outdoor kitchen or patio area. A roof will keep both sun and rain off your patio or backyard so that your outdoor space is sheltered from the elements, more effectively than with a DIY pergola. If you don’t want to be completely shaded, the horizontal closure strips can be tilted to allow some sunlight to penetrate the roof.

Can a pergola roof be fitted to an existing pergola?

We are unable to retro-fit a pergola roof to an existing structure. Louvred roof panels are integrated into the frame to allow for movement to create shelter from the sun and rain.

We are sometimes asked about using solar panels or clear plastic on our flat roofs but this would prevent you from being able to use the louvers to open and close the roof, so different materials are not suitable for the roofing.