UK pergolas for outdoor living

Core Pergola supply and install contemporary aluminium pergolas throughout the UK to create beautiful outdoor living spaces.


Core Pergola can supply and fit two types of metal pergola: Santorini and Mykonos. Each type comes with a range of options to create a completely customisable product.


A slimline, minimal aluminium pergola, Mykonos is available at sizes up to 6.2m x 4.5m and comes with a full range of customisable features.

  • 120mm x 120mm column dimensions

  • 190mm louvers

metal garden pergola


This pergola system is suitable for larger gardens or commercial applications. It can cover up to 50 sq m with just four pillars, or double that size with 6 pillars.

  • 160mm x 160mm column dimensions

  • 190mm louvers

Santorini aluminium pergola

Some recent pergola installations

The great outdoors

Metal pergolas are becoming increasing popular in the UK as a way to maximise the usefulness of your outdoor space.

Installing a metal garden pergola creates an extension of your living and dining space so that even with the unpredictability of the Great British summer, you can enjoy a dedicated entertaining space and make the most of your garden.

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Are aluminium pergolas good?

We believe garden pergolas represent one of the best investments you can make in your outdoor space. An aluminium pergola will last many years with minimal maintenance, unlike a pressure treated wooden pergola which is likely to have a reduced lifespan. Our garden pergolas are available with a range of customisable features including size, colour, blinds, screens, heating and lighting – so you can create a completely bespoke outdoor pod which will extend your usable living space and enable you to get year-round enjoyment from your garden.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a pergola?

Our pergolas are specially fabricated from aluminium – a hard-wearing and weather resistant material which will look good for many years. If you were to try and build your own metal garden structures, it would be a costly and complicated exercise. Our service includes free delivery and quality installation, so with Core Pergola you can relax while our experienced fitters assemble your pre cut garden pergola on site, ready for your family and friends to admire.

Can I have climbing plants on my pergola?

Climbing plants such as wisteria may affect the operation of the pergola roof so we generally do not recommend that you grow plants up the structure. If you have ample space then why not install further garden structures elsewhere, perhaps from pressure treated wood or timber, which can be used to train plants.

We find that a mixture of garden structures will enhance most gardens, and you can check with your landscaper for garden advice on which site would be the perfect place for a terrace, arbour, freestanding arch, wall, chairs and other such features.

Is a metal pergola a sustainable choice of garden structure?

Garden structures can be created in a variety of materials, from powder coated steel to wood, basket, trellis and other types of metal. Aluminium pergolas represent an excellent sustainable choice due to their lifespan, lasting for many years in the garden.

How does a metal pergola compare to a wooden pergola?

A wooden pergola is one of the many types of garden structures which you may be considering if you have a large garden, along with log cabins, wheelie bin stores and log stores. Timber garden pergolas, although they may make for a strong and sturdy structure, generally do not have as long a lifespan as a metal pergola UK. Like decking and other wood structures, even if these are pressure treated you are likely to find that they are more susceptible to rot, mould and general degeneration.

Do I need a big garden for a pergola?

Our garden pergolas suit a variety of garden styles and sizes. Because all pergolas are made to order and can be freestanding or fixed to an existing building, they can be used to transform and enhance all sorts of outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking to provide shade or create a statement from an architectural structure, our extensive range of options can be used to configure a wide range of completely unique garden pergolas.

What about climbing plants?

If you wish to have plants climbing over the roof of your pergola then we recommend that you perhaps look at a timber pergola for your garden. A pressure treated pergola is less like an outdoor room than a metal pergola. It will still give shade and provide some degree of shelter but if you want operable louvers on the roof then climbing plants can interfere with this mechanism.

If you’ve got plenty of climbers and pressure treated timber elsewhere in your garden, however, then an aluminium pergola can provide a stylish contrast with wood and other garden materials.

Where did pergolas come from?

Pergolas are thought to have originated in Ancient Egyptian times, when they were made from timber and may have been used for the purpose of shading from the sun or as a style statement! They may also have been used an important tools in growing plants including figs and vines.

The Chinese were also early adopters of the wooden pergola as a garden structure, with typical usage in a temple garden to create shade from the sun.

The 18th and 19th centuries saw pergola usage in decline as a garden structure, as other garden features such as the arbour increased in popularity. With the invention of aluminium came a new dawn of pergola design, with free standing and non freestanding models now a firm fixture in modern garden design.

The modern pergola, incorporating panels, rotating louvers and even heating elements, has the capacity to provide an extra room in the garden.